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We offer full-service office furniture and junk removal for San Mateo and Peninsula. Scheduling an office junk or e-waste removal appointment for your office or place of business is easy!

Our team will pick up all the unwanted items, such as old desks, chairs, and any other office materials that you may need to get rid off, even electronic and computer waste, our team will clean up the area, and they will make it look like your office machines or unwanted office furniture was never there!

Once we remove your unwanted office furniture, we will recycle everything we can. We will recycle your printer, copier, office chairs, filing cabinet, desk, computer, monitor, or e-waste to keep more junk out of the landfill!

Junk-it Co Junk Removal Hauls All Trash!

  • Junk Removal & Demolition
  • Appliances
  • Electronic equipment
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Furnaces & hot water heaters
  • Yard & construction debris
  • Lawn equipment
  • Automobiles & tires
  • Demolition/ Removal
  • Interior walls and rooms
  • Decks

“By the time you call and schedule the service when it works for you, our office we will send a professional team to your business or commercial location.”